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07.07.17 - Time for some atmospheric and mysterious techno with a pinch of psychedelic! New album by Hector Stuardo (a.k.a Ovnimoon) : HedustMA - Forms 02 (This release is also avaliable on CD)

10.03.17 - New release! This time it is deep and progressive tunes, fused into trans-sonic story. Neon - Emergence (This release is also avaliable on CD)

29.05.16 - You might wonder why there are not many artists in the "artists" section? The reason is our new artist-policy, it will be explained in details on Pureuphoria Records facebook-page. In the coming year we want to generate more activities there.
Support the label, share fb-page and homepage to help us reach more listeners, artists, music lovers - so that in the future we could continue to provide you with fresh and free vibes!

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Pureuphoria is an independed web-based record label, situated in Copenhagen/Denmark. It was found in 2010 by Alexei O.(a.k.a Neon). The Idea is to bring together talented artists/projects and promote psychedelic movement through collaboration and co-creation.
One of our goals is to make a digital and physical releases with trance music, whith style ranging: psychedelic, progressive, deep, downtempo, chillout(psychill). And also to create nature-friendly tribal gatherings.


Through a synchronized movement with the natural flow of life and co-creation - we reach a state of pure euphoria and magnificence, all by the destiny.
As a part of an evolving global network of people with same passion, we want to inspire each other, and manifest a new world!


Heading towards the great unknown wonders of frequencies, cycles and harmonics - we shall pro-create good vibration by using sound wave technologies.

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We have space for a wide range of psychedelic vibes and accept demos - Send us your tunes! Visual artists are also very welcome - we're open for collaboration!

Use upload sites (preferably 'Dropbox') to send your files and information about project to:


If you have any other questions - don't hesitate to get in touch via contact form:

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