Neon - Transgressive

Release date: 27.11.2014 BPM
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Transgression - is the phenomenon of passing impassable boundary between the possible and the impossible. Overcoming insurmountable limit, at the time when the world outlines the scope of the possible known to man, closes in its borders and preventing any perspective or novelty. When trying to conceive transgressive transition, consciousness enters the unreliability of ever-breaking authenticity, where thoughts are lost while trying to grab them. The existing linear matrix of understanding the world is untenable, and in the absence of adequate non-linear paradigm of thinking - the subject is not able to comprehend the moment of transition of his being into a radically new and fundamentally unpredictable state. Language tools may not be adequate for the expression of transgressive experience, because "confusion of speech." is inevitable. Therefore the transgressive has yet to find a language.