Tok'ra - Horizon

Release date: 24.01.2018 BPM
1 Tok'ra feat. Approaching Black - Birds Flying into the Horizon 120
2 Tok'ra - Harness the Suns Warmth 120
3 Tok'ra - Jaffa Insight 120

The guy behind Tok'ra is Citizen Staefn from Melbourne, Australia. And he is coming through with a new release! It’s filled with melodic, dreamy vibes and progressive grooves. Mellow sound, and yet powerful enough to broaden one’s horizon, and make listener explore the diversity of progressive music.

Staefn also has a psytrance project Psychoacoustic Vision. Some tracks of this project get reimagined under Tok'ra. Turning them into slower electronic beats that blend with hypnotic driving techno, Staefn always focuses on his own sound design and atmosphere signature.

Written/Produced by Citizen Staefn. Mastered by alex.neon at Pureuphoria Studio Cover design by Neomorph GFX.